My name is Emilia Pwalam, most people call me Emmy. I was born 1983 in Indonesia and based in Hamburg for over 33 years. In 2001, I started to work for the commercial industry during my graduation from high school.

Working in the postproduction world for over 13 years, as a producer, I lately worked at nhb studios until leaving for parental leave in August 2017. Before that, I worked as a Freelancer in several companies for quiet a time. But I think, my biggest success in working-life was, being a Head of Production / sen. Producer for HARVEST [10/2012-04/2015], a StartUp Full-Service-Postproduction, based in Hamburg since 04/2012, managing a team of 16 people and coordinating / producing the daily business.
Before that, I was working 7 ½ years at nhb studios, primarily in Hamburg but sometimes in Berlin or Düsseldorf as well (project-related). Back then, my education started at a filmproduction company called Dock7Films GmbH, based in Hamburg as well.